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    For over years, Yamhill County residents and community organizations have used our conflict dispute resolution program as a valuable resource to peacefully resolve conflict.
  • For many years city councils in Yamhill County support YCM because they recognize the value of resolving conflict in their communities.  Yamhill County Commissioners have defined mediation as an "essential service," and YCM receives annual grant support from the State Legtislature through the Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution.
  • YCM offers mediation training and outreach at local schools and colleges, and sponsors a Basic Mediation Training annually that meets State of Oregon mediator requirements.
  • Services provided by trained volunteer mediators keep mediation at no or low cost to all Yamhill County residents.
  • Volunteer mediators devote approximately 850 hours serving approximately 235-250 cases each year, helping community members resolve their disagreements through mediation and group facilitation.
  • Businesses are served on a sliding scale fee basis for mediation and facilitation services.

Some types of conflict that YCM mediates:

  • Co-parenting, parenting plan updates
  • Family situations, teen/parent issues
  • Consumer and merchant disputes
  • Workplace and business issues
  • Juvenile/Offender, petty crime
  • Harassment, noise
  • Elder issues, family support decisions
  • Manufactured dwelling parks�
  • Neighborhood issues, parking
  • School truancy and school relationships
  • Animal control, barking dogs
  • Landlord/Tenant issues
  • Property boundaries
  • Small Claims disputes

Effectiveness of Mediation

  • The National Crime Prevention Council, together with community and county law enforcement personnel, believe that mediation is a key crime prevention tool.
  • Mediation prevents disputes from escalating.  It cultivates problem-solving sills and positive relationships within families, neighborhoods, businesses and communities.
  • The cost of mediation is significantly less than repeated involvement by law enforcement and the courts.
  • The likelihood that mediated agreements will be fulfilled is much higher than if a resolution is imposed by an outside party or judgement.
  • YCM is able to address urgent cases quickly - in some cases, successful mediations have been accomplished on the same day that YCM was contacted for assistance.