YCM MISSION  "Empowering people to make positive changes in the way they respond to conflict"


A quote by Abraham Lincoln reflects our belief in the mediation process. He wrote:


Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often the real loser in fees, expenses and waste of time.


Our service exists to create a safe, confidential and economical place for this to happen.


Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process that enables individuals to address concerns, issues and expectations that are causing conflict with others.  Community volunteer mediators facilitate a productive problem-solving process that empowers parties to reach their own agreements.   


As impartial neutrals, mediators help clarify the issues and clear up misunderstandings so the people involved can consider their options for improving their future.  Mediations usually last about two hours and are held in the early evenings on weekdays, although some daytime appointments are available.


You can learn more about the process of mediation by browsing our website, or by typing "mediation" in U-tube.