What Mediation Is?


Our staff has extensive training in communication dynamics and defusing difficult situations.

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Mediation is a voluntary, cooperative problem solving process. Impartial mediators help people define the issues, communicate more clearly, resolve misunderstanding, and explore solutions to their disputes.


IS NOT a court hearing, counseling or therapy.
IS NOT about compromising your values.
IS NOT a process to determine guilt or innocence.


IS a process that allows you to find lasting, mutually agreeable solutions to problems between people.


Helping others think through what they want and organize themselves to achieve it. Staff meetings, retreats, planning groups, board meetings, anytime you have potential conflicting ideas, we can help.

Getting Started with YCM

  1. Contact us! We will explain the process and help you decide if mediation is right for this situation.

  2. When you are ready, we will contact the other party to explain mediation and invite them to meet with you in a safe, confidential and neutral setting.

  3. At the mediation session, two trained volunteer mediators, usually a man and a woman, ask each party to describe their point of view of the conflict.

  4. In a respectful environment, the mediators then work with all parties to find their own solution.

  5. A written agreement, acceptable to both parties, is recorded, signed and copies provided to both parties.

  6. In the future, the agreement can be updated with the approval of both parties, or by meeting again in another mediation session.

  7. Maintain your rights! Throughout the process you have the right of self determination, to call it quits or to disagree when it�s not working for you. The mediators are there to help you both find a realistic and reliable solution to your dispute.